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Working principle.

Computer control motor make engraving cutter according to the movement of characters or graphics predetermined trajectory, while controlling the milling cutter is rotated in high speed and the upper and lower feed, carving out a variety of positive and negative characters or graphics on the workpiece.

Performance and characteristics:

The machine work without noise;

The engraving depth can be adjusted;

Surface finish on the workpiece is not required, suitable for most of metal and nonmetal workpiece requirements of engraving; extremely low failure rate, the mean time to failure is more than ten thousand hours; the vulnerability of small, use cost is extremely low; small volume, light weight, easy installation, can satisfy the various parts of the carving requirements; the linear guide, ball screw drive, smooth motion, high precision carving, small vibration; the whole machine adopts the whole steel structure, the overall smooth, stable, durable; with - speed adjustment function;

Applicable objects:

Suitable for mechanical manufacturing industry, the advertising industry, the seal industry, handicraft industry, wood and other.

Technical parameters

The running speed of /s 0~100

Minimum 0.01 mm Xian Kuan

Working range of 280 x 150 x 100 mm

Spindle speed 6000~24000RPM

Spindle power 800W

Tool diameter Φ or Φ 6 mm 4

Power 1500W

Power AC 220V ± 10%50-60HZ





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