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Model: PMT5040A

Introduction the gluing machine:

The company developed PMT series plane developed two axis automatic gluing machine, plane three axes automatic gluing machine has been widely used in automobile and motorcycle engine, gearbox industry and household appliance manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industry, provides a good case for the glue solution by users of the industry.

work principle:

The computer controls the servo motor to gelatinize gun moving according to the set pattern on the trajectory of motion control, glue gun extruding sealant, let the sealant coated evenly on the designated place.


Engine oil bottom shell coating, gear chamber cover glue, glue, oil sealing glue, glue, light battery plate.


The use of South Korean imports SAEJONG professional glue gun, the equipment is stable and reliable;

Can be used with different glue glue supply system work;

X, Y, Z three axis motion by micro servo motor control, to achieve high precision stereo operation;

Ball screw and linear guide rail with drive, ensuring high steel and stability;

Can point, line, arc and irregular points, glue;

Dispensing time, speed controller;

You can choose different syringes, needles, suitable for different products, wire coating.

technical parameters

Type:PMT5040A PMT 2815A PMT 5040B PMT 2815B

The motor shaft number:2 233

Number of axis:3 333

Scope of work:500*400mm 280*150mm 500*400mm 280*150mm

Glue squeezing the linewidth of:0.2 - 2mm

Walking speed of:0-100m/s


Positioning accuracy of:0.1mm

Electric source:AC 220V 50HZ

The power consumption of:1500W


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