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Scribing marking machine

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Product Attributes
Place of Origin Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Model Number PM154A
model:PM154A marking area:150*40mm
model:PM152A marking area:150*20mm
Product Name Scribing marking machine
Product Keywords marking machine
More Keywords Scribing marking,Scribing marking machine
Product Image
Brief description of products and advantages Suitable for most metal and non-metallic workpiece
Scribing marking machine
No noise at work
No glitches
Product Description


Scribing marking machine

Main Feature: No noise at work  and No glitches

Control way by computer :

Parallel Port (PM154AP) or USB(PM154AUR) or R232 (PM154AUR) or Motion Control Card  (PM154AM) total 4 ways to select


Feature: No  noise
Work principium:
The mark pin is controlled by computer and moves by the preconcerted track of characters or figures. At the same time, the mark pin is impacted onto the workpiece by compressing air and make charaters and figures by continuous lines.
System character:
Noise-free while working;Mark lines is rather deep and the depth could be adjusted;The smoothness of workpiece is not required, it can satisfied the mark requirement of greater part of metal and nonmetal workpiece;The fault rate is little, MTTF is more than 10,000 hours;few waster workpiece, low cost;Small, light, convenient, it can satisfy all kinds of locale mark;
Mark object:
Chassis of auto and motorcycle, vehicle frame, motor, nameplate, piston, carburetor, shock absorber, cylinder mat,transmission case, gear wheel and so on;Dircraft motor, motor vane, air workpiece and so on;Valve, ironware, reamer, saw, gun, pipe, fire protection equipment and so on;Any other engine hardware, plastic piece, vitta and so on;
Technology parameter:
Mark speed: 3 to 5 characters per second;
Mark depth: 0.01 to 1 mm;
Mark size: 150mmX40mm customized size;
Mark content: Chinese and English characters, numbers and figures with random size;
Figures and characters compilation: serial number marked and stored automatically, repeated number prompt, stripe in-out mark;
mark material: metal and nonmetal workpiece with  rigidity below HRC60;
Drecision: work for 5 years nonstop, error less than 0.01mm;
Work air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa, 3L/S;
Work voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;






MOQ 1 Set/Sets
FOB price USD 5000~6000 / Set
Port chongqing
Terms of Payment T/T  
Supply capacity 10000  Set/Sets / Year
Conventional packaging Paper packaging 700*500*500
The appointed date of delivery 10 days
Product Type public


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