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Stand-alone Marking

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Product Name: SCM marking machine

Model: PM108S

Product features: the use of single-chip microcomputer chip control large-scale group. With the computer control of the pneumatic marking machine function. The minimum volume to do business, the operation more simple, more reliable performance.

Print content: English characters, numbers, graphics of arbitrary size;

Printing speed: 1-3 characters per second;

Print depth: 0.01-2mm;

Print material: the hardness of HRC55 following various metal or nonmetal workpiece;

Graphic print range: 100mmX80mm /170mmX80mm or custom size;

The circumferential surface printing: 80X360 ° or custom;

Accuracy: 5 years of continuous work font precision error less than 0.001mm;

Work gas: 0.4~0.6Mpa, 3L/S;

Working voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;

Machine power: 150W;


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