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Compared with the technology parameters

Performance / models:PMCT100, PMCT2020A

Laser type: semiconductor laser, semiconductor laser

Scanning mode: high-speed galvanometer scanning, linear guide rail XY scanning

Laser power: 50W, 80W

The laser wavelength: 1064nm, 1064nm

Light source: two tubes, two tubes

Light source life: 10000h, 10000h

Efficiency: 40%, 40%

Mark: φ 100mm or custom, 200X200mm or custo

Marking speed: ≤ 6000mm/s, ≤ 6000mm/s

Mark depth: 0.01-0.2mm, 0.01-0.2mm

Minimum number of characters: 0.3mm, 0.3mm

Line width: 0.010-0.150mm, 0.010-0.150mm

Machine power: 2kW, 2KW

Water power: 1, 1

Area: 1.5 square meters, 1.2 square meters

Laser size: 200x208x1150mm, 205x180x850mm

Control cabinet size: 600x650x1200mm, 600x650x1200mm

Water-cooled machine size: 424x524x815600x550x970

Model: PMCT2020A

And the galvanometer marking machine: print format is larger, slower.

Working principle.

Using Nd:YAG crystal rod laser beam, using computer control galvanometer high-speed deflection, by focusing on the workpiece to print out the characters or graphics specified.

Main features:

Fast printing speed, high efficiency;

Printing and fine appearance;

Low noise;

No force on a print job;

No restrictions on the marking workpiece hardness;

Laser power, good stability;

Optical path sealing good, strong environment adaptability;

Beautiful appearance, simple and convenient to use.

Marking objects:

Widely used in hardware, machinery, electronics, tobacco and other metal or non-metal; metal materials for iron, steel, copper, aluminum, non-metallic materials for leather, wood, rubber, silicon, plastic etc..

The main function of:

1, marking content: any text or icon in English, Arabia digital, serial number, VIN number, two-dimensional code, logos, etc.;

2, character arrangement: horizontal, inclined, arc, arbitrary permutation;

3, any optional font;

4, the character size, spacing can be adjusted freely;

5, applicable materials: metal, hard alloy, ceramic, plastic etc.;

6, the bar code scanning input marking or labelling and print bar code;

The output data from the network 7, read or;

8, and other equipment to contact PLC function



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