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The Q switch is 27MHz acousto-optic Q switch industry standard, and can be widely applied to the lamp pumping and diode pumping

Nd:YAG laser in 1064nm.

The main technical indicators

Operating frequency: 50MHz

The laser wavelength: 946-1319um

Diffraction efficiency: >50%

Through rate: >99.6%

Resistance to damage threshold: > 500MW cm-2

Voltage in Bobbi: < / = 1.2

The maximum driving electric power: 100W

Overheating protection: +60

Aperture: 5mm

Acousto-optic Q switch driver main technical index of power supply

Operating frequency: 50MHz

Electric power: 50W

The modulation frequency: 1KHz-50KHz

Pulse width: 1-20US

Electric pulse on long time: <=250ns

Electric pulse fall time: <=120ns

The first pulse suppression time: 1-800us

Output impedance: 50 ohm

Voltage in Bobbi: < / = 1.2

Power supply: AC220V

Control signal level: TTL level

The light level: high / low optional protection: overheating, open circuit, short circuit protection


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