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Laser light principle: the use of YAG solid laser, the use of Kr lamp and Nd:YAG crystal rods produced by laser beam, frequency, form a visible green light. Computers are used to control the vibration mirror high-speed deflection, thus forming a beautiful text or graphics.

Laser lamp features: laser light with bright color, high brightness, point to the advantages of good, long range, easy control, looks more mysterious dreamy feeling. Application in building, park, square, the theater, the laser beam is not divergent, can attract far to several kilometers away from people's eyes, a laser point also became the focus of attention.

Application of laser light:

Watch: the laser light beam placed in the building or mountain scenic area, beam at the distant sky, a bright green light, very bright, beam can swing up and down, a few kilometers range can enjoy its magical magnificent appearance.

Designs, animation Watch: the laser light emitted by the laser at the water curtain, buildings or walls, moving fast in the scanning control system, the formation of words, patterns for ornamental.

Indoor ornamental: laser lights installed in the theater, nightclubs, song and dance hall. Cast a dry-ice smoke, directing the laser beam onto the smoke and scanning, can also form the text, pattern, the animation effect. Also with the music playing laser show intense, the beautiful bright colors intoxicated linger!

Power supply: AC220 5000W





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