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Bulk:   520X230X623mm
Basic function:
automatic spout head cleanout and on/off key
IP53 stainless steel chest
marking 1 to 5 lows once
WYSWYG information compilation and creation
maintanance alarm beforehand
chinese information compilation and display interface
standard computer keyboard
stripe printing
sign and figure compilation
multilevel password protection system
period of validity, production date, batch number and time printing
taking count automatically
continuous printing
many kinds of languages printing
maximum spaces between characters is 5mm
3-meter-long spout head canula
25 printing information storage capacity
Character printing capability:
maximum printing speed is 1600 characters per second
printing height is 2 to 15mm
5X5, 7X7, 9X6, 16X11, 24X17 and 32X31 lattice font
figure and logo can use 34 lattice font
Electric power requirement:
110V/230VAC 50HZ
Work condition:
temperature is 5 to 40℃
humidity is less than 90%
Printing ink:
complete range, perfect funtion and suitable for various industrial vocation
Data transmission:
synchronization interface
NPN/PNP induction interface
RS232 serial communication interface
Optional function:
long-distance diagnosis printing information
positive air pressure printing head
IP54 upgrade
image alarm beforehand
alarm output
RS485/20mA loop lan interface
air drier
Usage field:
food, drink, electron, chemistry industry, architecture material, medicine and plastic
eximious automatic spout head cleanout function and turning on/off with single key
automatic turning on/off with single key
easy printing ink appending system
do not need turn off the machine to append printing ink

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