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Industrial two-dimensional code introduced:

With the rapid development of modern industrial production, in order to improve the corporate image, strengthen quality management, product marking, labeling is almost every machinery manufacturing enterprises must consider the problem. But the traditional carving methods can not be directly identified product label. In order to solve this problem, the company after years of research and introduction of industrial two-dimensional code marking system, will you need a label into Data Matrix two-dimensional bar code standard. In this way, you only need a two-dimensional code scanner identification using standard to your computer system, the whole reading process is simple, convenient, accurate, like a bar code identification of ordinary, so as to solve the problem of two-dimensional lattice read on metal or non-metallic print code fundamentally.

The scanner is recommended

In order to your code can achieve the best scanning effect, recommended the use of Symbol 3480 improved scanner.


* good reading effect

* the best price

* USB interface

* hand-held scanning

* can be directly read marker in the dot matrix two-dimensional code onto metal or nonmetal pin type marking machine print.

Two-dimensional bar code.

Data Matrix two-dimensional bar code is portable data file to a high density, high information content, documents and cards for achieving such large capacity, high reliability of information automatic storage, carrying and ideal means available automatic recognition. Has the following characteristics:

1 large information capacity

The 2 code range

3 confidentiality, good anti-counterfeiting performance

4 decoding reliability

5 error correction capability




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