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Pneumatic marking machine

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Product Attributes
Place of Origin Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Model Number PM108A
model:PM108A marking area:100*80mm
model:PM178A marking area:170*80mm
Product Name Pneumatic marking machine
Product Categories marking machine
More Categories pin marking machine,Pneumatic marking machine
Product Image
Brief description of products and advantages Suitable for most metal and non-metallic workpiece
Main Feature: Plane or near plane Marking
Product Description


Main Feature: Plane or near plane  Marking

Control way by computer :

Parallel Port (PM108AP) or USB(PM108AUR) or R232 (PM108AUR) or Motion Control Card  (PM108AM) total 4 ways to select


Working principle
Computer-controlled stepper motor print needle track at predetermined character or graphics, while the compressed air to print needle play more than 200 times per second frequency vibrate up and down on the workpiece by the continuous lattice consisting of characters and graphics.

System Features
Print deeper depth and can be adjusted; surface finish requirements for a large portion of the metal or non-metallic workpiece marking requirements; very low failure rate, mean time between failures is greater than ten thousand hours; less wearing parts, the use of cost very low; small size, light weight, flexible print installation, on-site printing requirements to meet a variety of ways; convenient for each plane, nearly flat, circular surface, pipe axis Print

Marker object
Car or motorcycle chassis, frame, engine, nameplates, pistons, carburetors, shock absorber, gasket, gearbox, gears, etc.; aircraft engines, engine blades, aircraft plug; valves, hardware, tools, saw blades , gun shells, hood, tubing, motor, fire-fighting equipment; any other mechanical parts, plastics parts, signs and so on.

Technical parameters
Print speed :3-5 characters / sec; Print depth :0.01-2mm;
Print: any size English characters, numbers, graphics;
Photo Editor: serial (serial number) is automatically printed, stored, re-number prompt, bar code input and output print;
Print Material: HRC60 hardness of the following types of metal or non-metallic workpiece;
Flat-screen print range: 100mmX80mm  or 170mmX80mm or custom sizes;
The accuracy guarantee: 5 years of continuous work the font precision error 0.001mm;
Working gas source: 0.4 to 0.6 Mpa, 3L / S;
Operating voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
Total power: 600W;
Weight: About 30kg .


Marking Samples:

200452622858917.jpg       2012151735.jpgg22.jpg

P1010009.JPG       P1010011.JPG.jpg    .jpg   3.jpg


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