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Lamp pump laser

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Model: PMC100A

Features: play engraved deeply, mainly used for metal surface markers

The machine features

Using laser condenser cavity expansion, stable and efficient large multiple beam system, better beam quality, laser power, high peak power, pulse width is smaller, the energy is more concentrated; the energy can be adjusted continuously by the current, software control, the engraving depth is deep (<2.0mm); industry application of targeted.

Performance characteristics

Laser power, good stability; laser mode stability, narrow pulse width, the laser energy more focused; engraving line width uniform, fine; engraving depth ability, high efficiency; the light path and complete sealing, strong environmental adaptability; beautiful appearance, reasonable mechanical structure.

Applicable materials and its application in industry

YAG lamp pumped laser marking machine is widely used in metal products, precision machinery, electronic components and other industries, especially suitable for mold processing, word round carving and all requirements of carving deep metal marking requirements. The machine in the metal sculpture application aspect, has the outstanding characteristics of depth, speed, stable operation, fine pattern, metal material for iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc.. Typical application cases, such as the dividing line, print round umbrella metal dial with a variety of machine tools, metal ruler scale line laser marking.

Technical parameters

Product type: PMC100A

The maximum average power: 80W

The beam quality of M2<10

The power and frequency: 220V / 50Hz

Marking range: 100 * 100mm, can be customized

The complete machine power (MAX):5KW

Pulse width: 80-260ns

The maximum Q laser power: 50W

The laser wavelength: 1064nm

Engraving speed: ≤ 7000mm/s

Water-cooled engine power: 3.

Weight: 120kg



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