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Product Attributes
Application Laser Marking
Condition New
Laser Type Fiber Laser
CNC or Not Yes
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Control Software PUREMARK-LASER2.8
Graphic Format Supported PLT, BMP, JPG
Working Accuracy 0.003mm
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Model Number PMLSF10A
Power(W) 10W or 20W
Certification ISO, IQNET
Model:PMLSF10A 10W Desktop Laser maring machine
Model:PMLSF20A 20W Desktop Laser maring machine
Model:PMLSF10S 10W Portable Laser maring machine
Model:PMLSF20S 20W Portable Laser maring machine
Product Name Fiber laser marking machine
Product Keywords Fiber laser marking machine
More Keywords laser marking,Fiber laser
Product Image
Brief description of products and advantages Fiber laser marking machine
Maintenance-free laser marking machine
Product Description

201211200005319267.jpg         201132920119200.jpg

                          Model:PMLSF10A                                                 Model:PMLSF10S





Equipment characteristics
Imported products using the core components of fiber laser, fully sealed design, suitable for working in harsh environmental conditions, maintenance-free long; eliminating the Q switch, which makes the reliability is greatly increased; the speed of light quality is excellent, can mark smaller linewidth and greater depth; photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the fan cooling, the noise is small; compact structure, small size, can be made into special machines designed for various customer requirements.

Suitable material
Ordinary metal, rare metal and alloy, alloy powder, ceramic materials, after surface treatment of metal oxides, plastics, polymers 3M label paper.

Application industry
Motor vehicles and parts, motorcycle and auto parts, electronic components, hardware, tools and hard alloy, sanitary ware, medical equipment, aviation parts, pipe valves, communication equipment, oil drilling tools, jewelry, gifts, integrated circuit components, building materials, printing etc..

System function
1, marking content: any text or icon in English, Arabia digital, serial number, VIN number, two-dimensional code, logos, etc.;
2, character arrangement: horizontal, inclined, arc, arbitrary permutation;
3, any optional font;
4, the character size, spacing can be adjusted freely;
5, applicable materials: metal, hard alloy, ceramic, plastic etc.;
6, the bar code scanning input marking or labelling and print bar code;
The output data from the network 7, read or;
8, and other equipment to contact PLC function.

Technical parameters
1, marking speed: 50mm ~ 7000mm/s adjustable;
2, marking depth: 0.01mm ~ 0.3mm, as materials;
3, the minimum line width: 0.015mm;
4, the minimum character: 0.2mm;
5, repeat accuracy: 0.003mm

Environmental conditions
1, the power supply: AC220V 50Hz
2, temperature: 0 ° C50 ° C
3, humidity: < 90%

Other technical parameters
Marking: φ100mm,φ150mm,φ200mm to select
Laser working substance: fiber
The laser wavelength: 1064nm
Laser power: 10W or 20W
Machine power: 800W
Cooling: air
Weight: 20-60kg

Laser marking samples

201305141325269764.jpg        200611710144425.jpg

201132923851383.jpg      2009721153510401.jpg    201305141324162483.jpg


MOQ 1 Set/Sets
FOB price USD 13000~15000 / Set
Port Chongqing
Terms of Payment T/T  
Supply capacity 5000  Set/Sets / Year
Conventional packaging Wooden box: 700X800X1000mm
The appointed date of delivery 15 days
Product Type public


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