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Puma CO2 laser printer (non-metallic on-line inkjet printer) is a fusion of laser vibrating mirror the advanced marking technology, import of RF excited sealed-off CO2 laser in one, suitable for the majority of non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, label paper, leather, glass, plastic, resin, ceramic bamboo and wood products, PCB plate marking graphics or text.

Puma CO2 laser to spurt the code machine, suitable for different production line, is a non-metallic materials online printing system is faster, more efficient, the most suitable for enhanced product anti-fake function, prevent the changing phenomenon of products in circulation. Flying marking symbols by computer control, can automatically generate serial number and date, no supplies, no wearing parts, maintenance free, low operating costs, online marking vector characters and graphics, marking a unique, permanent don't rub, laser and long service life, 24 hours of continuous work. Is the ideal alternative to ink jet printer。




Field of application

Leather clothing, food and beverage packaging, electronic components, glass handicraft processing, stone processing. Typical application cases, such as the packing box body laser to spurt the code。




Technical parameters

The product model:PM-CO2-10F/PM-CO2-30F

The maximum laser power:10W / 30W

The laser wavelength10.64 μ

The laser repetition frequency:≤ 50kHz

Standard engraving range:70 x 70mm2

The engraving depth:≤ 2mm

Engraving speed:≤ 5000mm/s

Minimum Xian Kuan:0.1mm

Minimum number of characters:0.4mm

Repeat accuracy:± 0.01mm

Power demand220V / single-phase / 50Hz / 3.5A

Machine power:300W

Cooling system


The host system size:1200 x 600 x 1300mm

The model configuration

Standard configuration: integration structure of CO2 laser, high speed and high precision optical scanning galvanometer and auxiliary power supply; flat field precision (F- θ) lens and optical beam expander system; laser marking software; computer and high-speed D/A interface card

Optional configurations: frame, CNC controller, the foot switch and the electric lifting platform, platform, a rotating device, smoke exhaust system.


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